How Many Calories Does A Freeletics Workout Consume?

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How Many Calories Does A Freeletics Workout Consume?

This is a very frequently asked question both in the Freeletics forums as well as on the various Facebook groups. And it is not easy to answer. Let’s discuss it in detail.


Many factors influence the calories consumption

We can say one thing with high probabilityThere is no default value of consumption for a specific Freeletics workout, as for example Aphrodite . This is because every man is different and also has different performance limits. Among others, the following factors affect the calories consumption:

– Age
– Gender
– Weight
– Height
– Training pulse
– Metabolism
– Body fat percentage
– And certainly others too

Freeletics itself, writes:

„The calories consumption during the workout and also in the regeneration phase highly depends on the performance during the workout.“


Who goes to its limits, consumes more

This should not be surprising. If you carry out the workout in a rather comfortable pace, you will consume less calories in the same time than someone who gives everything.


Concrete example: Calories consumption

Of course I wanted to know it more exactly and borrowed a heart rate monitor Polar FT80 from my friend and fitness trainer Ramon Imhof.

According to Polar, FT80 is one of the most advanced training computers and Polar itself has known several years of experience in the field of pulse measurement.

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I tested the clock for two full days, day and night in order to determine my calories consumption.

My basic dates:

– Height: 183cm
– Weight: 73kg
– Age: 33
– Gender: male
– Body fat:  aprox. 10%
– Metabolism: k.a.


Here are my results for different Freeletics workouts:

Calories consumption workout Poseidon
freeletics Workout: Poseidon
Duration: 4:45
Kcal: 80
Average heart rate: 153
Maximum heart rate: 164

Calories consumption workout Apollon
Freeletics workout: Apollon Endurance
Duration: 25.15
Kcal: 363
Average heart rate: 137
Maximum heart rate: 174

Calories consumption Metis
Freeletics workout: Metis Strength 2/3
Duration: 8:02
Kcal: 137
Average heart rate: 152
Maximum heart rate: 166

All information without after burn effect
All information relates purely to the workouts, the so-called “after burn effect” is not included in the calculation. Because the body needs longer time to come back to its normal state after increased performance. Here, too, it heavily depends on how intense you have trained and after my estimation and on what exercises you have performed. Exercises that claim a great deal of effort (for example pull-ups) consume more calories at the same heart rate in hindsight than jumping jacks. This is simply because the body has to repair the hurt muscle fibers, whereas in jumping jacks where less muscles are harmed.

Get the freeletics coach if you want to achieve it
Get the freeletics coach if you want to achieve it

Conclusion for freeletics workouts:

For a man with training experience, aprox. 73KG and  a height of 183cm, early 30 and a body fat percentage below 10% the resulted calories consumption with Freeletics is of an average 70-80 calories per 5 minutes. If the performance is pushed even more towards the limit, the calories consumption can be up to 90-100 calories. The numbers can also be bigger for people with less training experience or higher weight.

Projected on the Workout Aphrodite his means a consumption of 320 calories in a supposed training period of 20 minutes.

What are your experiences regarding calories consumption and calories requirements with Freeletics? Write it please in the comments below this article.


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